serious selfie sunday


happy easter


Chloe looks like a celebrity and her child being mobbed by the paparazzi in this picture

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final round

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"Chloe can’t do leaps!

"Chloe isn’t flexible!

"Chloe can only do coupes!

"Chloe’s improv is just Abby choreography and repetitive!

"Chloe can’t do acro!”

"Chloe isn’t improving!"

Abby only gives Chloe bad choreography because it’s all she can do!


You don’t have to like Chloe and she doesn’t have to be your favorite, but that doesn’t mean you can degrade her and put her down just because of that. She, along with all of the girls on that show, is an amazing dancer with lots of talent!

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anon requested: “Please do a gifset of Abby hugging chloe on tuesday night”

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